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Long Term Employment

Long-term employees are individuals who work with a company more than 900 hours per year for a minimum of three years. This length of employment can fluctuate depending on the type of job, and existing company policies.

Why is being a long term employee important?

  • Career Advancement: People will trust and depend others that have been with their company for years, even more so with upper management. Those that have put in the effort and stayed loyal have probably done so through many different circumstances and challenges the company has gone through. They have seen the best and worst of their organization. These are the perfect individuals that get promoted and upgrade their career paths.
  • Benefits: When you become responsible and dependable for longer periods of time you will earn better benefits. Need time off? Veterans of a company generally get more flexible time off allowances. They also tend to get more consistent pay raises, job training and various holiday appreciation gifts. Being a respected employee that knows and understands the company will have social benefits from the less tenured staff as well.
  • Company Future: When you devote your career to the company you work for they will depend on you for advice to make improvements. You will be asked for your opinion on what can make the company better. Your knowledge of the business over years of dedication will put you in a better position to provide advice that is valuable to any company. Your company provided you with a career, you get to help them become more successful!